Are you a Perth fitness junkie? Do you sometimes find that you feel a little sore after you workout?

Posted: August 25, 2017 By: Comment: 0

Next time you have one of those “I am going to be very sore tomorrow” workouts, why not try a to loosen and relieve some of those muscle pains and aches.

Here are 5 Good Excuses to get a massage! 

1. Massage can help boost the immune system. Studies have shown that massage can boost white blood cells and improve circulation and aid the lymphatic system.

2. Massage after a workout can help speed recovery by reducing muscle tightness and relieving aches in core muscle groups.

3. Massage can help relax and focus the mind.  Work, family commitments and working out can sometimes be difficult to juggle. By stepping away from all life’s distractions then you can have some chill time to yourself and let your body and mind recharge.

4. Improve Performance – Regular massages if done correctly can help improve performance. Most elite athletes will now have a massage therapist work on them to reduce the risks of spasms and cramping.

5. A great reward – If you have completed a marathon, swam to Rottnest or just achieved your own personal exercise goal then a treatment is just the reward your body deserves.

So why not book yourself a massage today and make it part of your regular workout routine.

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