Our Brands

At Vanilla Face & Body we take great pride in the brands we offer and spend a lot of time on selecting the ranges we use in our treatments. We personally thoroughly test the products and learn about them, their origin and ingredient sources before we decide to stock them. After all as beauty professionals we only want the and if we wouldn’t use the products on ourselves, then why would use them on our clients.

We judge our brands on the following categories

  • Results; does the product do what it says it will and does it do it better than other products on the market.
  • The products are not tested on animals. We also make sure that the brands we stock offer products that are all or nearly all vegan friendly.
  • Safe and natural or organic if possible.
  • An ethical company who shares our business values of sustainability and giving back to the community.


  • Linden Leaves
  • Guinot
  • O.P.I
  • Mancine Professionals
  • Curtis Collection By Victoria
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